OC Weekly Mentions Gwen in Brad Nowell Tribute

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the tragic passing of Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell,and in memoriam OC Weekly has posted five classic stories involving Bradley’s beloved Dalmatian,Lou Dog;Taz Phillips,founder of the Ska Parade,mentions how Lou Dog bit Gwen’s legendary red vinyl dress before a show once-she repaired by placing a heart patch over it.In another OC Weekly tribute last week,Tony had shared his memories of Bradley-you can read it HERE.In the video below of Bradley joining No Doubt onstage during ”Total Hate ’95”,you can see Gwen petting Lou Dog at 2:22.

5. “I liked Lou Dog fine until it bit me.”
“Lou Dog loved Bradley, but man! Even Gwen got bit! She got bit wearing the Tragic Kingdom dress! The rip in it, she replaced with a heart patch. I was announcing them and it was at the Phoenix Theater for the show before the last that they played.” –Tazy Phillips, Ska Parade founder.

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