New Tweets: Tom Confirms that 3 Songs are Mixed,Thinks ”Settle Down” is Next

Tom just tweeted to confirm that mixing has been completed on ”Dreaming the Same Dream”,”Easy” and ”Push & Shove”-yay!! He also said that he thinks ”Settle Down” will be the next song to be mixed. We wish the band and Spike Stent the very best in mixing the rest of the songs!!

@NXD2012 @markspikestent yep 3 down!

@beaconstreet @nxd2012 I think Settle Down

Tom also shared that the band will be back in the studio on Monday and that ”Settle Down” has an ”upbeat,dancehall” vibe;he also revealed to us that ”Looking Hot” is ”pretty rocking” and that there are a couple of epic guitar solos on the album-sounds AWESOME!!

@beaconstreet @nxd2012 back on Monday

@nnub actually its more upbeat dancehall! 🙂

@EITnd “Looking Hot” is pretty rocking. There are a coupla epic gtr solos on the record- 🙂

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