New tweets: Recording Acoustic Version of ”Settle Down”

Yay,No Doubt is tweeting from the studio where they are finishing recording the acoustic versions of 4 songs,starting with ”Settle Down”! Wishing them the best!!

new Events page up on our website! more to be added soon!

putting that together for the world right now, will post asap “@mergirl79: where’s the single release date for the UK/Euro on ND events?”

@gwenstefani vocals for acoustic version of Settle Down sounding wicked!

Finishing the recording of 4 acoustic bonus tracks today! “@hitulikerambo: @TomDumontND What’s @nodoubt up to today? Recording? :)”

Up next @GabrialMcNair more harmonies

@BaxterBeezy Stephen Bradley up next. Harmonies on acoustic Settle Down

yes “@sydandspencer: @TomDumontND Is Settle Down more of a reggae or ska sound? :)”

They will be released, can’t announce where yet “@GwenStefaniBR: @TomDumontND Do you already know that the acoustics will be released?”

@TonyKanal pretending to sing 🙂

@Twist_of_Cain87 I totally understand. But the only way to get additional songs is to write them, which could take months & months

@_Foreman we worked extra hard to achieve the goal of non-disappointment 🙂

@Twist_of_Cain87 so many bits & pieces & verses and choruses got cut along the way – can’t really release bits 🙂

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