New Tweets: No Doubt Getting into Mix Mode with Spike Stent

Yay,Tony just tweeted that the band is preparing to get into mix mode with Spike Stent! We wish them all the best!

@markspikestent preparing to get in mix mode! I swear I’m getting him a wizard outfit soon @nodoubt

Oops forgot photo @markspikestent @nodoubt

@AdrianYoungND @TomDumontND @Rdio Tom, Queen’s radness ascends to a level that their own.

@AdrianYoungND @TomDumontND @Rdio Yep. Greatness!

@AdrianYoungND @TomDumontND @Rdio Brian May is one of the most underrated rock guitar players.

@AdrianYoungND @nodoubt the late night steel drum session begins

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