New Tweets: iHeartRadio rehearsals!

Gwen just tweeted that she will have a busy day and she can’t wait for the iHeartRadio Festival. We can’t wait too!!
@GwenStefani Gwen tweets:

Morning peeps gonna run the set today Can’t wait for I heart radio show gx

@TomDumontND Everyday rehearsal food: hand made guacamole!

@TomDumontND it’s sooo good. Our monitor guy Jon makes it everyday. Lucky us 🙂 “@MissPJG: @TomDumontND That looks soooo good! *drooling*”

Tom also tweeted a link to a new post on his blog where he shared photos of his second GJ2 Guitars prototype,named ”Zora”-it’s absolutely beautiful!

@TomDumontND GJ2 “Zora” prototype #2

This guitar is our second prototype for this body shape, made of Mahogany and ebony fretboard.

It’s equipped with “TD91” pickups, which are made in-house by Grover Jackson.

The face is finished in gloss white, with black binding and a hand-oiled natural finish on the sides and rear.

The chrome pickup selector is in a better position for me on this one.

The volume and tone knobs are also made in-house.

The pearl “chevron” fretboard inlays were inspired by Art-Deco architecture.

Above you can see the three-piece neck-through construction, implemented for stability, sustain and tone.

The rear contours are super comfy.

The Zora prototype #3 comes in a couple more weeks, it will be made from Sapele wood with a natural hand-oiled finish, Humbuckers and a tremolo bridge.

Thanks Grover and Jon!

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