New Tweets: Gwen Listening to Acoustic Track Mixes,More E! Filming

Listening to new mixes of “acoustic” tracks – Gx

Did everyone check out the webisodes on ?? Getting close!!!! Yikes gx

Day 2 of the band’s journey making the #SettleDown music video is coming tomorrow!

Tomorrow! “@MatheusVieirah: @gwenstefani @nodoubt @TomDumontND @TonyKanal @AdrianYoungND when release the webisode 4?”

Awesome! -T “@nxdboy: @gwenstefani @TonyKanal @AdrianYoungND @TomDumontND buddies and I are having a “settle down” premier party on Monday”

E tv here to film us! Gx

Rehearsals in full swing ‪#settle‬ down

Oh my! 4 days to “Settle Down”!

Time for an after work beer with these guys @AdrianYoungND @GabrialMcNair

yes! Love that “@moderationlovin: @TomDumontND rock star farmer <3”

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