New Tweets: Gwen is Back in London to See Gavin

Aw,this is so sweet-Gwen just tweeted that she is back in London to see Gavin perform with his band Bush! Gwen and Gavin have been apart for a while since Gavin has been touring in Europe-we hope they have a wonderful reunion!! Gavin is scheduled to return home to LA next week.

I want to make out w @GavinRossdale gx

London I’m back gx

Meet u on the hill g – cant wait gx

Airplane girl again gx

She look GORGEOUS,as always!!

EDIT: Gwen is continuing her tweeting spree from London-and she tweeted us again!! Thanks SO much to Gwen-it is such an honor!!

London fog omg!! First kiss is gonna be so Twilight! Gx

Foggy drive gx

Going to see @bushofficial tonight – no backstage – yikes – all for one one for all – lets hang 🙂 gx

@thingsweheart did u see the movie? W out me?? Gx

@EITnd thanks poopies gx

UPDATE: Gwen is at Bush’s soundcheck! Hope she has fun at the Bush concert tonight!

@bushoffic @GavinRossdale sound check gx

Aw,how cute!!!

Check it gx @GavinRossdale @beaconstreet @bushofficial

@bushofficial @GavinRossdale @beaconstreet

I want to make out w @GavinRossdale tonight gx

@bushofficial @GavinRossdale

Cute x gx – mine

How awesome! Gwen is tweeting from the Bush show at Bush Hall in London-hope she is having a blast!!

@bushofficial gx

London I’m back gx

My tweets won’t send ! Gx in here!

Here’s a photo a fan took of Gwen in the crowd at the Bush show tonight-love how she is still rocking the updo!

Gwen Stefani at the Bush gig largely unrecognised in the crowd!

UPDATE: How cool!!! Gwen tweeted a couple of short videos from the Bush concert tonight! Thr first video is of the Bush classic ‘Machinehead’ and the second clip is of the new Bush song ‘Afterlife’,which Gwen says she loves(and the studio version of which we learned recently she sang backup vocals on!)

Check it gx

Love this song want to take it gx

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