New Tweets from Tony and Tom

Tony just tweeted that he will be staying in tonight to watch American Idol-we will be watching,too,and can’t wait to see he and Gwen mentoring the Top 8 contestants! Tony also shared that they will NOT be revealing an album release date during Idol tonight,but that they will be soon-exciting!!! Tom also tweeted our friends at OldSchoolNoDoubt to thank them and everyone for their well wishes regarding Mieke’s brother Seth Binzer,who sadly is in intensive care in an LA hospital. Again,we send Tom,Mieke and their whole family our prayers and hope that Seth has a safe and full recovery.

@gwenstefani @nodoubt staying in tonight to watch @americanidol so many talented singers. was amazing to see them sing close up

@nodoubternate not gonna announce the date on idol tonight but we will soon!

@oldschoolnd thx all we really love Seth and appreciate the supporting words.

No Doubt also tweeted and posted on the official site to remind everyone to watch Gwen and Tony on Idol tonight:

Watch Gwen and Tony mentor the Top 8 tonight on @AmericanIdol

Aw,it’s so sweet how Tom and Adrian tweeted their praise of Gwen and Tony-we couldn’t agree more!!

@AdrianYoungNDG and T doing great on Idol! Tony, I liked your suggestion on @PPhilipsAI11 sitting out on guitar during bridge.

@TonyKanal Thanks@AdrianYoungND Can’t wait to get back in the studio “G and T doing great on Idol! Tony, I liked your suggestion on @PPhilipsAI11”

@TomDumontND ”@fireballjim: Not very often that truly great human beings are on American Idol. Way to go @nodoubt!!!”

@TomDumontND I’m sooo impressed with & proud of @gwenstefani & @TonyKanal tonight on @AmericanIdol ! So fun to watch my friends on Tv! @nodoubt

@TonyKanal @TomDumontND @gwenstefani @nodoubt Thanks Tom! Had a great time doing it

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