New Tweets: Finishing Touches in the Studio!

No Doubt just tweeted to say that they are back in the studio today putting the ”finishing touches” on the new album-exciting! The guys tweeted photos and said that they are working on vocals-interesting! They also replied to fans,saying that once they have the exact release dates they will let everyone know!! Hope they have an awesome time in the studio today;thanks to them for mentioning us regarding Cyn Electric and her band Noise of Rumors’ video proposal to them!

Dude vocals today, cue up that auto tune! haha.

One more

“@EITnd: Thanks @cynelectric for sharing a music video @nodoubt to open for ND on the next…” Awesome! Love it! -ND

“@Carshbrown: @nodoubt can’t wait to here the new album. #patientlyawaiting :)” Thx for being patient! just finishing touches now… -Tom

@FouxDuFaFaFa: @nodoubt do we know a release date yet?” It’s gonna happen. Once we have exact dates we’ll let you know here first. -Tom

@lindsaybird44 @nodoubt hey can i get a RT im in this all girl drumming contest! i would really appreciate your vote! thank you

Thanks to No Doubt for the RT! We hope they win MTV’s Musical March Madness tournament,they truly deserve it the most! 🙂

@EITnd Keep voting for @nodoubt-they now have 56.85% of the vote and Van Halen has 43.15%! #MMM…

YAY,hope No Doubt and Spike Stent are having an amazing time ”getting all mix-y” in the studio today-it’s getting so close!!

Exciting day in the studio, everything is taking shape. @markspikestent is getting all mix-y and it’s awesome to watch. -Tom

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