New tweets: Back in the studio!

@AdrianYoungND@nodoubt@AnthonyGorry rockin some Logic today

Thanks Tom for clarifying that “Logic” is not a song title! πŸ™‚

β€œ@EITnd: @TomDumontND Is that a song name? “Logic”?” No- Logic is the computer program that Anthony uses πŸ™‚

Tom also replied to our friends at @NoDoubtBrasil that the album still doesn’t have a name.

Hope Adrian is OK and that the acupuncture helps him!

@AdrianYoungND Working hard at the recording studio. NOT! @gwenstefani @nodoubt @TomDumontND @TonyKanal

@AdrianYoungND @EITnd Yes, it is acupuncture. It’s not so bad.

@TomDumontND @Nyobear @nodoubt I made this for you at Central Park last week! <3

@TomDumontND @markspikestent is getting all Wizardly again tonight.

@TonyKanal Yes he is blowing our minds w/ his audio genius β€œ@TomDumontND: @markspikestent is getting all Wizardly again tonight”

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