Photo: Gwen Painting by Artist Timothy Teruo Watters

Check out this cool Gwen painting by artist Timothy Teruo Watters. In an interview with LA radio station KIIS 102.7, Watters said that it was one of the hardest pieces he’s ever painted because he tried to capture Gwen just right.

Q. What has been the hardest piece for you to paint so far?

A. Normally, whatever my latest portrait is is usually my hardest piece as I am always trying to do something new with each piece I do. I recently finished a portrait of Gwen Stefani and it beyond troubled me. I use much less lines when painting females which make things more difficult overall. Also, when you look at a picture of somebody, you aren’t looking for any imperfections or what’s wrong, but when you look at a portrait, you are naturally looking for what is wrong or out of place. Many times, you can paint someone faithfully but it just doesn’t look right. Gwen Stefani for whatever reason really reeked havoc. I definitely broke some brushes on that one!

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