Tweets: Acoustic Recording Sessions Today

Both Tom and Gwen tweeted just now to say how the band is recording acoustic versions today of 4 of the new songs that Tom mentioned last night will hopefully be released as bonus tracks-we wish them the very best! Gwen also congratulated her and Gavin’s good friend Roger Federer on his semifinal Wimbledon victory today,and replied to Lady Gaga following Gaga’s tweet late last night expressing her excitement over the new album which resulted in No Doubt trending worldwide on Twitter.

‏@TomDumontND I have a really good feeling about today’s acoustic recording session. But by the end of the night, I expect my fingertips to be bleeding.

Recording all day today – just when u think u r all done … Gx

Roger we love u !!! Gx

Gwen ReTweeted:

@ladygaga Is anyone else freaking out about No Doubt putting out a new album. I can’t wait!

@ladygaga I can’t wait for u to hear it!! Thanks for the mention Exciting days kisses gx

@nodoubt I always drive by this awesome El Mac art #foreshadowing

@TonyKanal@nodoubt on my way 2 the studio to record some acoustic versions of new songs today

YAY,we were hoping the band would tweet photos from their session!! Gwen promised that there will be a new ”Settle Down” video teaser posted on the official site tomorrow morning!!

Just starting to record acoustic tracks ! So much work to do today ouch!!!

New video teaser on our site tomorrow morning!!!! Gx

Steve and Gabe gx

Song 1, take 1

Check tuning

1940’s Harmony arch top. Wicked. “@lajakes_aaron: @TomDumontND what kind of guitar is that?”

@TomDumontNDso far no blood yet! “@madefromtoast: @TomDumontND I hope your fingers are still intact! xx”

Fabio, here is my new kit.

Tk laying down acoustic bass for alternate (bonus) versions.

Ur up?

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