New Tweets: Secret Photoshoot Today!

Ooh,Tom just tweeted that the band is at a photo studio today to take photos for ”something secret”. Hope they have fun,and hope Tony allows Tom to tell us what it is for!!!

We are at a photo studio today taking pix for something secret. Not sure if I can mention it yet. Let me check with @TonyKanal

YAY,Tom revealed that the band is shooting artwork today with an amazing artist,El Mac!!! We wish them all the best,and cannot WAIT to see the photos!! Check out El Mac’s website-his work really is incredible!

Shooting pics for artwork with an amazing artist called El Mac.

Aaah,No Doubt is sharing photos from the set!!!! We are in love!!

Tom Dumont up first

@TonyKanal taking a pic of @gwenstefani getting her pic taken @nodoubt

Gwen’s turn

@AdrianYoungND in the hair chair

Tony up next


And now Mr. Young

No Doubt shared with a fan that that they will be hitting up the recording studio later on today after finishing the photoshoot-they are working so hard!!

@nodoubternate @tonykanal @gwenstefani @adrianyoungnd Yes!

No Doubt & El Mac photo shoot • March 21st, 2012 • Culver City, California


@erinreese13 Baby tell Coco her daddy is at work 😉

Wow this is how much energy our new record has! Gx

@TomDumontND @AnthonyGorry @nodoubt finding the perfect sound

@AdrianYoungND @markspikestent @TonyKanal @TomDumontND

@TonyKanal Congratulations Jimmy! “@jimmyharry: Look at what the cat dragged in”

@TonyKanal Need a final sound for “Push & Shove” so Tom is playing an electronic autoharp app on his iPad. Hello to the future.

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