Gwen Tweets Shirley Manson of Garbage;Mixing Has Begun!

Aw,this is so sweet: Gwen just replied on Twitter to Shirley Manson of Garbage,who had tweeted No Doubt over the weekend to reminiscence about playing the 1996 KROQ Weenie Roast with ND. Gwen sweetly cheered their friendship and their new music. We love both bands and hope to maybe see them perform together again one day soon!

@garbage Wow Shirley here we are in the future!! New music, old friends. Who knew?!! Cheers to new music!! You are hot as ever! – Gx

No Doubt RT’ed Shirley’s tweet from Saturday night:

@nodoubt Dudes…we are playing the kROQ weenie roast today. The last time we played it was with you guys in 1996! Wish you were here. Sx

LOL at this tweet from Hayley Williams of Paramore that Tom RT’ed:

@yelyahwilliams Just bought so much large sized Harajuku Mini without trying it on… This is either going to be the best or the worst day ever.

UPDATE: Yay,Tom just tweeted that mixing has begun!! Spike Stent is starting with “Dreaming the Same Dream”-we wish him and the band the very,very best with mixing!

@tolivendienla mixing day 1: @markspikestent begins on “Dreaming the Same Dream”

Tom tweeted fans that the songs are being mixed randomly,and that mixing takes 1-2 days per song:

@RenataLuizand @markspikestent random order

@nodoubternate mixing= the final balance+EQ of all the recorded tracks. Kinda like editing a movie I guess. Takes 1-2 days per song. 🙂

Cool,Tom also shared that it takes just 1 day to master the album!

@GwenStefaniBR Mastering comes after mixing. Just takes 1 day to master the whole album. Such a process, right!? 🙂

@nodoubternate mastering: sequencing the final mix of each song into correct order + final EQ/compression of each song. It’s the final step!

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