No Doubt NOT Performing at the NCAA Champs Party After All

Last night we had mentioned on our social networking accounts that Incubus’s manager,Steve Rennie,had hinted on Twitter that both Incubus and No Doubt would be performing at an upcoming NCAA Champs party in LA. But now Mr. Rennie has replied to our good friend Amanda on Twitter to clarify that he was only referring to members of Incubus and No Doubt who play golf (Mike and Kil from Incubus and of course Adrian) in regards to who would be actually be just attending the party. We are glad this has been cleared up-hope the guys have fun at the party!

@Renman1: @noxdoubtxbush @RickieFowlerPGA I should say members of Incubus and No Doubt that play golf. Mike and Kil from Incubus and Adrian Young-ND.

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