The Climb Demo!

More demos for you guys! Today we add something from the Tragic Kingdom era, the demo of the amazing ‘The Climb’. This version has small differences on the lyrics and on the instrumentals. It was recorded around 1993 or 1994. Thanks a lot to our good friend Carly for this

Paulina Demo!

More downloads for you guys! This time we bring you the demo version of Paulina, song released on No Doubt’s self titled album from 1992. Notice that the lyrics of this version are different from the album version (the lyrics are kinda funny and somehow x-rated). Hope you guys enjoy

Just a Girl Demo

Daily Download for you guys! Following this week’s theme, we bring you another amazing demo. Today’s chosen track is Just a Girl! This demo is labeled as recorded in 1994. The lyrics are the same and just a bit of the instrumental is different, but still so worth downloading! To