Poll: Best “Truth” live song

This weekend Gwen finished up her summer portion of her tour with only her California shows left to finish up her tour. We were introduced to songs from her new album live, aside from the 3 singles that she had already been performing while promoting the album. On our last poll, most fans had mentioned they would like to hear more songs from Truth live, and we hope she adds some more songs to her home shows in October. For now, we are opening a poll to hear from you what is your favorite new live song from Gwen? We added videos from the songs so you can listen to them once again and decide. Poll is at the end of page.
For me, it was Red Flag, when I first listened on the album, I liked, but did not love, but then I heard it live, and it changed everything!

Red Flag


Where Would I Be?

Send Me A Picture


Asking 4 It



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