Lucky Fan Jessica Shares Her Photos with Gwen

Thanks so much to Jessica from the official ND forum for sharing her awesome photos of meeting Gwen in NYC recently,as well as her amazing lyric tattoo!!

this is from before their GMA performance!!

this is from wednesday night after their settle down shoot & the nfl kickoff show!!!

and heres my tattoo i got over 2 years ago

wednesday was my third time meeting her and shes literally an angel every single time. ive spilled my entire heart out to her multiple times and she stood there listening and was just so grateful to have me as a fan. ive worished the ground no doubt walks on since i was 8 years old and it was always my dream to tell them how much they mean to me and it couldnt be any more perfect than it has been. the other night was my first time meeting the guys and they are just absolutely the sweetest people, especially adrian!

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