No Doubt’s Interview with LA’s KIIS FM 102.7

We uploaded No Doubt’s interview with deejay JoJo Wright of LA’s KIIS FM 102.7 from the other night to youtube for everyone;the band discussed the long but rewarding journey of recording the new album while balancing family life. Gwen said that she’s especially happy for Tony since she knew that he badly wanted to finish the album. They mentioned that as of the day of the interview they still were not sure if ‘’Push And Shove’’ will be the second single;they also said that while they feel that ‘’One More Summer’’, ‘’Gravity’’(one of Gwen’s favorites), ‘’Easy’’,’’Undone’’ and ‘’Looking Hot’’ are some of the standout tracks,they hope that everyone appreciates the album as a whole. They reiterated that they are done in the studio for now and are slipping into live mode. They also talked about hosting the recent Obama fundraiser with First Lady Michelle Obama at Gwen’s house. Adrian was asked if he will be getting anymore tattoos,but he said that he gets one only about every 10 years-his last tattoo was of his daughter Magnolia’s initials,which are next to a tattoo of son’s Mason’s initials.

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