Reminder: Settle Down Single Now Available in Germany!!

Just to remind all the German fans,the ‘’Settle Down’’ mp3 is now available on Amazon Germany!! (As of this moment it’s doesn’t seem to be on iTunes Germany,but we’ll keep you updated.) The Jonas Quant remix of ‘’Settle Down ‘’is also available now on Amazon Germany,while a 2-track ”Settle Down” single CD (we assume the Quant remix is the second track) is available for pre-order on Amazon Germany with an August 17 release date.

Buy ‘’Settle Down’’ in Germany:

Amazon Germany
Jonas Quant ”Settle Down” remix at Amazon Germany
Pre-order 2-track single CD on Amazon Germany to be released on August 17

UPDATE: The album version of ”Settle Down”,the Jonas Quant remix and the ”Settle Down” video are all now available on iTunes Germany.

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