Self Magazine’s Star Hair Transformations

Gwen is featured in Self Magazine’s gallery of Cool Star Hair Transformations,which also includes tips on how to achieve some of Gwen’s awesome styles:

Gwen Stefani, Pink, Rihanna and Jennifer Nettles love to experiment with their look. While might not be as daring, we love these inspirational looks from over the years.

Fifteen years ago, this punk babe was topping the charts with No Doubt. Now Stefani is also a designer, glam style icon and mom!

How to do Gwen’s braids at home!
Pull Off a Boho Bun

Gwen Stefani’s surprisingly simple braids are practical, chic and appealingly unique.

Intricate braids look girly, but they’re tough enough to stay put when Stefani is giving her all on stage. (That’s saying a lot.) The style takes 15 minutes but lasts hours.

The how-tos

Start by spraying on a body enhancer through wet strands. (We like L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Pumping Volume Spritz, $5.) Then blow-dry, creating a side part. Next, trace your finger along your part 2 inches back from your forehead, then straight over to the opposite temple, as if you were drawing two sides of a triangle. Clip the separated front piece out of the way, spritz the remaining pieces with a flexible-hold hairspray, and pull them into a high ponytail, suggests Johnny Lavoy, a hair expert with L’Oréal Paris in NYC. Braid the pony, twist it around itself, and secure with bobby pins. Finally, split the remaining front section of hair into two even pieces, braid each, secure ends with tiny hair bands, and tuck both into your bun. Pin in place. If your hair is long enough, you can wrap the braids around the bun before you secure. Finish with a mist of hairspray and you’ll be ready to let loose.

Copy Her Bright Color

Platinum hair has been a frequent Stefani style since No Doubt’s early days in the ’90s. Impressive, because it’s one of the highest-maintenance color choices out there, “which means you should always get it done at the salon,” Clarke says. Pay tribute to the blonde bombshell by asking for a pure bleach process to zap any shade from your hair. (It may be too harsh for some brunettes, so discuss with your colorist.) Then have her add icy—not golden—highlights all over. At home, make sure to use a violet-color shampoo (such as Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo, $22); the light-purple cast will neutralize any yellow that creeps in. Once a week or so, switch to a chelating shampoo, such as Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo, $20, which will wash away potentially dulling minerals.

Keep it spotlight-worthy

To look classy, not brassy, platinum needs to be touched up every three weeks. (We know—pricey. That’s why we’re warning you!)

Hair like Stefani’s is low-maintenance in one way: Because dyed-blonde hair tends to be drier, it doesn’t need daily washing. (A bonus on tour.) In fact, platinum gals can probably get away with a once-a-week wash. If you must lather up more often, apply a leave-in conditioner at bedtime the night before you shampoo to keep strands luminous.

Insider tip Tons of in-salon maintenance isn’t the only caveat with this color: You also need to “play up eyebrows, eyelashes and lips with makeup daily,” Clarke says, as light hair can wash you out. Try a brown brow pencil, an ultra-black volumizing mascara and a bold-as-you-dare lipcolor. (Stefani favors reds.)

The singer shows off her softer side with a high-volume style and face-framing layers.
See how this style looks on you!

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