New Gwen Interview in Globe Magazine

Thanks to Kiera for sharing her scan of a new Gwen interview in the September 17 issue of Globe Magazine.

UPDATE: Here’s a transcription of the article:

Pop diva Gwen Stefani loves being a mom-but she couldn’t resist reuniting with her band.No Doubt,to release their new album Push And Shove,their first In 11 years!
Since their album,Rock Steady,in 2001,all the band members-including Tony Kanal,Adrian Young and Tom Dumont-have become parents.

‘’I don’t think it mellowed us out,but priorities have to change’’,says Stefani,who has two boys,Kingston,6,and Zuma,4,with husband of 10 years,Gavin Rossdale,the lead singer and guitarist of Bush.
Between albums,she also developed three fashion lines and scored two solo records.
In this interview with a freelance journalist,Stefani,42,talks about blessings,conflicts,regrets and why she always wears red lipstick.

Is Push And Shove reflecting your personal life at the moment?
It was challenging. My husband’s been on tour for a year,I’ve been making this record,trying to be a mom…There are a lot of overwhelmed feelings in here. Like,how am I supposed to do all this? There is a lot of this in this record.

Can you do it all?
It’s impossible. I fail at it every day. Somebody suffers all the time. Today it’s Zuma. There is always conflict. Always.

Do you feel happy?
There are so many blessings in my life which are unbelievable. I live a life that I never dreamed of living.

If you could turn back the clock,what would you have done differently?
I would have tried to take a little more time and enjoy certain things in my life.

Do I hear any regrets?
No! look,we are together for a long time. We were children when we started. I think I wouldn’t be here today if anything had been done differently. Sometimes it is really tough.sometimes it’s incredibly easy. But we’re a family.

Do we ever see you without red lipstick?

Rarely! I wear different colors. You just don’t see me every day. I like the red because Gavin likes the red,and I want Gavin to like me. When you find something that defines yourself,you stick with it.

Have you ever felt you’ve taken on too much?
Yes,when I was on tour pregnant for four months. It was horrible. Then I came back,had the baby,went on tour when he was 8 months,did 106 shows and then got pregnant with Zuma. We didn’t know it would happen that fast!

You couldn’t work?
No,I was so sick. I had just done over 100 shows with a nursing baby! It was exhausting.

You admit you’re vain. In what way?
I want to look good. I enjoy fashion and clothes and getting made up.I like all that girl stuff.

What still motivates you?
God,music! To write it and have the power to share it and impact people.

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