New Tony Feature in Los Angeles Magazine

Thanks to shipwrecked into you from the official No Doubt forum for sharing the link,check out a really cool new Tony feature in Los Angeles Magazine,in which he reveals his favorite places in LA.

Between back-to-back local shows on the group’s latest tour, No Doubt’s bassist tells us where he hangs with animals, takes his daughter Coco to brunch, rocks out with the band, and finally discovered “legit” Indian cooking.


It’s super close to our house and it’s not easy to find great Mexican vegan food. I made the switch to being vegan this year. I wish I had done it sooner. My favorite thing is the mock ground beef and pickle taco—hold the cheese. They have an amazing spicy cucumber margarita. It’s really good late at night, but it’s also a great place to take our 22-month old daughter for brunch.

Silver Lake Reservoir

It’s my favorite place to run. I do it probably five times a week. I like that it has a dirt path, and that’s much more forgiving on my knees. Jumping around on stage for 25 years has done its damage. It’s really peaceful, especially if you go after a rain.

India Sweets & Spices

It’s hard for me to find good Indian food because I’m Indian and my mom has been cooking it all my life. For me to go to a place that has legit Indian food and enjoy it—it’s really rare. This is one of those places. I dig it. Masala Dosa is my favorite dish there.

Hollywood Bowl

It’s one of my favorite places to see shows in L.A. It’s so close to our house, we can be home within five minutes after the last song. Seeing John Williams conduct all the things he’s ever scored—that was spectacular. I saw Depeche Mode there, the Police. I just saw Peter Gabriel there and that was one of the best shows I’ve seen in my life. We’re talking about playing there next year.

Gibson Amphitheatre

We’re playing there right now. Every time we do a tour we end up playing there. It feels like home. We know everyone there and they are so good to us. And it’s so close. I’ve been going to sound check and coming straight home to hang out with my daughter and can put her to sleep and then go back for the show.


It’s an amazing vegan sushi restaurant. The presentation there is spectacular. They bring out plates that you don’t want to dig into because it looks like art. It’s off the radar—that’s why I like it. Although, it’s always packed, so maybe it’s not as off the radar as I think.

My Pool and Jacuzzi

This is my first pool in my whole life and I love swimming. My dad taught me when I was really young and we used to go to public pools when we lived in England, so it’s been part of our family for a long, long time. To have my own pool is great. The family comes over on the weekends and Coco can swim with her grandparents. We have an instructor come over and all of her friends and their moms come and swim together. It’s pretty cool.

Animal Acres

They rescue farmed animals there. Before Coco was born I was volunteering there quite a bit. It’s such a rewarding feeling to hang out with the animals and get up close to pigs and farms and chickens. It’s amazing. Anybody should go. The educational value is immeasurable.

Real Food Daily

It’s our go to vegan restaurant. We make up reasons to go over to that side of town just to eat lunch there. Whenever I meet with our agent Mitch, that’s where we go. I get the club wrap, add spicy vegan mayonnaise.

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