Gwen talks to Eyecare Business about Season 2 of her eyewear line.

Courtesy of Eyecare Business
Courtesy of Eyecare Business

Gwen is on the January cover of Eyecare Business magazine, a publication targeting eyecare professionals. She sat down for an interview to promote her upcoming Season 2 for L.A.M.B. and Gx eyewear.

She talks about her busy schedule and how she handles her many roles, her partnership with Tura. When asked to talk about the new collection Gwen says:

It was challeging but… we started off with two brands at one time – Gx, which is a little bit bolder with playful collors and expressive shapes and L.A.M.B., which is more sophisticated, dramatic – with a classic Hollywood street edge. With Gx, the goal is to tru and make it look as rich as possible, but keep it within an affordable price point. And then L.A.M.B. is sort of like, ‘Okay, let’s just go for it. Make our dreams come true’.

The reporter asks her if the design process and launching an eyewear line was what Gwen expected to which the responds that it was challenging to open up her style with others, and that she works to create and design something she would wear. And that this third collection is unbelievable and that she could not choose one pair. She also says her favorite one is a burgundy red color by Gx caled TAVI (in red). Gwen opens her spirituality is the thing that keeps her same these days. In the end of the interview, she says she just wants people to know that the collection is genuine, something she’s really passionate about.

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