[Update] Davey Havok talks Dreamcar with ABC radio and Purevolume

More details about the boys new band are popping up online. On Dec 22nd, Davey talked to ABC Radio and among other things, he dished on the new project with the No Doubt’s boys. He says the guys approached him a few years back about getting together and maybe working on a new project.

A couple years ago, those guys approached me to ask me if I wanted to do a project with them, and it seemed really interesting. They played me a little bit of music that they’ve been working on, and I loved it…so I decided to join them.

He tells ABC that he can’t reveal what the new band sounds like (Tony and Adrian already spoken of the 80’s vibe on their new music), and that the new album will be released in 2017 as it’s almost done.

Davey also sat down to talk to PureVolume and they asked him about Dreamcar:

They are such great guys. I can’t tell you too much about it, but the little I can tell you is, I bumped into those guys somewhere and they asked me if I wanted to do a project with them. And I was really touched, and it sounded really interesting. So I asked to hear music, and the little bit I heard, I loved. I can’t tell you what it sounds like right now, but soon I will. We started working together immediately, we wrote a record, and it’s almost done. It’ll probably be out this year.

It’s so great to see all this buzz around Dreamcar and we are dying to hear what this new band will sound like.

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