Giveaway: Disneyland Demos CD

We are giving away a original bootleg cd of Disneyland Demos! This isn’t a cd-r copy but the real deal. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been hunting down No Doubt bootlegs since the late 90’s and always over paying, but here is your chance to win for free! We appreciate all of EIT’s fans and love to give back. Expect more giveaways in the coming months! We’ll run this for 3 weeks, ending July 31, 2012 @ midnight EST. We will pick and announce a winner soon after. The cd will be shipped out within 1 week. Open worldwide!

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Author: Amy

I'm 32 years old and married to the best man on Earth! No Doubt is my favorite band, they inspire me everyday. I remember getting my first computer when I was 14 and wanting to make a website about them. Now, 18 years later, I'm a Computer Programmer/Web Designer and STILL making a website about them. I'd like to thank No Doubt for that!

30 thoughts on “Giveaway: Disneyland Demos CD

  1. keith says:

    dreamed about this bootleg for YEARS. even just to have that COVER ART.

  2. Nick says:

    Back in the Napster days, I hustled to get a lot of bootleg tracks and create my own discs (I was in like 7th grade!). It’d be amazing to have the real deal in my grubby little paws. YEA. I WANT IT. =)

  3. monica* says:

    I have this one. however, mine’s called weenie roast, considering the live songs are from weenie roast 1996. gotta love bootlegs having the wrong information.. rofl!

  4. Amy says:

    Nick, I did the same thing haha!! Monica, a lot of the bootlegs do that, similar or same tracks, names all weird… but that’s part of the collecting aspect I guess lol

  5. Katie says:

    I don’t own any bootlegs, but I would love to start a collection! πŸ˜€

  6. Stefani311 says:

    I have this cd somewhere in my house god only knows where it is… ive had it for maybe 13 years now omg its been such a long time… but i would love to have it again or at least find it again…

  7. Joe says:

    I want this bootleg because I used to HAVE this bootleg, until someone broke into my car and stole it, along with “Sushi Chick” and a ton of my other CDs. That was like 13 years ago. It would be nice to be reunited. πŸ™‚

  8. Rosy Sandoval says:

    Omg! I love no doubt, I have like all their songs…I even have lamb by Gwen Stefani! Lover it! Love harajuku lovers perfumes..I got the pluckers too the limited edition, I got albums…tragic kingdom…return of Saturn … Tock steady… I got most of them…DVDs…greatest hits…concerts I love no doubt so effin much!
    The band is awesome n Its about time they launch their cd can’t wait till Sep 25 … πŸ˜€ i wana go to the I heartradio music festival this year in Sep.21/22 in Vegas! I heard no doubt n I’m like freaking out cuz I been dying to go c them and especially GWEN SHE’S MY FAVORITE…my idol, the best artist in the world! Love her! <3333
    Im also gettin a harjuku lover's tattoo soon on my wrist…a fatal attraction to cuteness…plus the perfume kawaii Gwen face on it!<3

  9. peggy says:

    WOW, what can I say, if i owned this i would be a happy lil no doubter!! I remember the days of trolling ebay for this stuff!! I never was able to find this one, it would be so sick to add it to my nd collection!! thanks a bunch for the giveaway, you guys are super awesome!!

  10. Kiera says:

    I would love this bootleg because I do not own any bootlegs, and I feel it will be a great accent to my ever growing No Doubt collection. As a young fan, it is hard to obtain awesome things like this. I feel like I will own a great piece of No Doubt history, and treasure it forever! Thanks for giving us fans the opportunity to win the bootleg! Much love πŸ™‚

  11. Julia says:

    I don’t want this bootleg… I NEED this bootleg.

    Okay, I guess I won’t die if I don’t win, (or will I? do you want that on your hands? DO YOU!?!)

    No but seriously, this would be an AWESOME addition to my collection. I have only been lucky enough to get my hands on ONE actual bootleg (Spiderwire), and it’s lonely, it needs a friend. All the official No Doubt CD’s I have tease it for being a bootleg. It’s sad, it needs to be happy. Won’t you cheer up my poor teased Spiderwire CD? πŸ˜‰

  12. Benjamin says:

    ive bought as many No Doubt merchandise as I could possibly afford, it would be nice to actually win something for a change! 1 <3

  13. Liam says:

    I’m 15 now, and I remember wanting this cd since I was like 7! I would see it online and ask my mother to get it for me, but she never did. I’ve collected a lot of No Doubt and Gwen over the years and this would probably one of the most awesome additions ever! πŸ™‚

  14. Cynthia says:

    Think my other entry was LAME! I wanted cause I used to have it on a cassete tape (way back in 97!) Would be sweet to have it for my oh soooo poor collection. πŸ™‚

  15. noemi says:

    hi!, im form Mexico and i don’t speak very well in english hehe, but i’ll try to write this ok.
    Well i will love to have this bootleg cuz its very hard, really really hard, to fin anything vintage from no doubt in my country, even when they were i the top with don’t speak, in here theres was anything from no doubt except some magazines and the cd’s.
    Lp’s, bootlegs, t shirts, etc etc, it was inexistent in MExico, so have this bootleg will be like the treasure from a pirate or something, wow i can’t really put in letters, or english hehe,
    i’ll been a fan since I’m six years old and my grandfather die and Don’t speak was all i want to say to people talking bad to my grandpa’.
    Sicne the i become a hardcore no doubt fan and everyone knows it hehe.
    Now I’m a grown up visual artist, and even I’m old i never forgot my roots with ska and no doubt and the demos like alladin or where is your lovin.
    Other thing is that they never performed in Mexico, so I’m not into no doubt concerts besides youtube :(, so this be a effect gift to my barren wasted heart.

  16. Billy says:

    NO DOUBT!!!!! I’ve been a fan when I had first seen the music video for Just A Girl on MTV back when I was in 3rd grade in 1995 lol. I’ve seen them in concert a few times and can’t wait for them to tour again. I actually don’t own any bootleg cds of their’s. I have some downloaded, but I would definitely love to add this to my other No Doubt cds (No Doubt, The Beacon Street Collection, Tragic Kingdom, Return Of Saturn, Rock Steady and Boom Box) I love No Doubt and everything they do. They have always been a big influence in my life and I learned how to play the bass because of Tony.

  17. Laura says:

    Hi! I’m a fan of No Doubt, and recently i discovert this site! It’s a great site to know about the band! Thank you for all new! I don’t speak a lot of english but i try to write it… Well, i would like to get this bottleg because for me it isn’t easy find some about “No doubt”. In my country, Spain, “No Doubt” is not well known even gwen neither is much, only some songs are heard here as “Do not Speak” by No Doubt and “The Sweet Escape” by Gwen. So I would like to get this cd because for me it is difficult to obtain their albums and have a great collection.

  18. carlos molinar says:

    because my birthday is on july 30th and it be a cool gift to get!

  19. Lauren says:

    would LOVE to add this to my ND collection.
    so nice of you guys to give this away! Love EIT!

  20. megan says:

    I have any bootlegs but have LoADs of cd singles and am always looking to add to my collection. I love hearing NDs music very old to brand spanking new studio, live, accoustic. I want it all!

  21. Renata Luiza says:

    Oh guys! Really (Are you kidding me?)!! I would like SO much have this bootleg. I haven’t any bootlegs (unfortunately), so, this one would be my first <3

  22. Melody Fiore says:

    hey EIT- i am a die hard fan of No Doubt for 15+ years! i have Met Gwen Stefani three times and it was a dream come true!!!! i actually had this bootleg original and i had invited some friends to my house and someone stole it amongst some other special collector ND memorabilia πŸ™ i was so bummed out. i have replaced everything i lost over the years and spent a lot of money doing so but i never found this CD since i had first purchased it 8 years ago. it would so be great to have it in my collection again. i really LOVE NO DOUBT and have since i was 12 years old. Gwen has always been my hero:) SETTLEDOWN!!!!! push and shove 2013 tour!!!! cant wait!!! i hope i win:) thank you guys for doing this for the fans! super cool of you all!!!!!

  23. David says:

    I want this bootleg because I love everything related NO DOUBT … I want get bigger mi collection.

  24. Jehrome says:

    I want this bootleg because I have been a fan of theirs since 96′ and I don’t have a lot of ND memorabilias and this bootleg would be great as part of my collection

  25. Angela says:

    I want this bootleg because I’ve been a huge fan since I can remember. I was 20th in line to see them recently on Good Morning America! Got there at midnight the night before and waited all night, and cried when they got on stage. ND is such a huge musical influence for me; I’m a drummer and I love ska and rocksteady drumming. I would love to have this bootleg.

  26. Casey says:

    I would love to add this bootleg to my collection of 0 bootlegs.


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