Tom Attending NAMM Show on January 25

No Doubt Live At Gibson Amphitheater

Tom just tweeted that he will be attending the Winter NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center on January 25 between 11 AM and noon in Hall C, Booth #4296 to help GJ2 Guitars unveil the Zora guitar line,whose design has had technical and aesthetic input from Tom and whose prototypes he has been rocking during No Doubt’s recent performances. We hope Tom has an awesome time at the show and again we wish he and GJ2 Guitars all the best launching the line!! As is explained on its website,attendance at NAMM trade shows is restricted to owners, suppliers, employees, endorsed artists and visitors of NAMM Member companies,but we hope that some lucky fans get the chance to see Tom there!

UPDATE: Tom updated with blog with photos from his visit to the GJ2 GUITARS shop yesterday!

I visited the team @GJ2Guitars yesterday to view the progress on the new Zora model. Can’t wait to debut it and more new models at NAMM Anaheim next week!


UPDATE 2: Thanks to Misha for the info,there will a be Media Preview event of the unveiling taking place on Wednesday, January 23,which will be livestreamed at NAMM’s website at 11:40 AM PST!! (Please note: Wednesday is a “pre-show” day and attendees will not have access to the show floor.) We look forward to seeing it!!

GJ2 Guitars by Grover Jackson

4296 (Hall C)


GJ2 co-founder Grover Jackson and No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont will unveil their new line of GJ2 Zora guitars during the Media Preview event.

GJ2 GUITARS has posted an awesome article on their website (thanks to them for mentioning us and fellow fansite Beacon Street Online!) about the Zora line-the article reveals that Tom and Grover Jackson will be on the webcast from 11:40 AM to 11:50 AM PST.

UPDATE 3: Tom just tweeted that he thinks his appearance at the NAMM Show will be filmed for an upcoming webisode!

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