Push And Shove #16 on SPIN’S 20 Best Pop Albums of 2012


SPIN Magazine has named Push And Shove #16 on its list of the 20 Best Pop Albums of 2012! We of course think it should have been #1 😉

No Doubt – Push and Shove (Interscope)

When Gwen Stefani’s band last made an album, more than a decade ago, you could get away with calling No Doubt “ska-punks” or “new wavers” or — Liz Lemon eyeroll — simply “alt-rockers.” But the fact that Stefani did two tours of solo duty hitched to the Neptunes’ wagon has only helped the world realize what was always skanking right in front of them — an excellent pop band — and Push and Shove is an exemplary pop album for a post-Diplo world. The SoCal crew’s sixth studio LP is shiny, bright, and overstuffed with glammy swagger (“Looking Hot”), Katy Perry-style teenage dreams (“One More Summer”), and bubblegum grooves (“Sparkle”). No Harajuku hijinks required. CARYN GANZ

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