Producer Martin Solveig Says He Would Love to Work with Gwen

In a new interview with Spinner,producer Martin Solveig says that more than any other vocalist,he would love to work with Gwen. We love his praise of Gwen’s attitude and style-it will be interesting to see if that collaboration ever happens.

If you could build a song — or even a full record — with any living vocalist, who would it be, and why?

I say this time and time again — and one day, she’s going to call me, I can tell — but Gwen Stefani, if you’re out there, dial my number and let me know. She’s the person I’ve always wanted to work with. Her attitude and her style are just incredible, and I think it was Perez Hilton who even said we’d sound amazing together. I know that with her, I could make the best record I’ve ever made

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