Pharrell Recalls His 2005 VIBE Magazine Cover with Gwen


In a new interview with Complex,Pharrell Williams is asked about he and Gwen’s famous March 2005 VIBE Magazine cover,recalling that it was a ”gigantic” moment and honor for him to be on the cover of it with Gwen. You can read the full VIBE article here on NXD Scrapbook.

One of my favorite magazine covers of all time is the cover with you and Gwen Stefani on Vibe.
Yeah! That was a moment for me. It was me and the leader of an Orange County ska-rock-punk group. It’s Gwen and me. That’s fucking Gwen. That’s fucking Gwen Stafani. Like, ya know? “Don’t Speak.” That’s Gwen. That’s gigantic to me.

Yeah and it was Vibe. That’s awesome.
I felt the same way, when I had the skateboard in The Source. Not as big, because a skateboard can never compare to Gwen Stefani, but it’s the statement. It’s the juxtaposition and the alchemy that was allowed to be photographed for the cover that was a big deal.

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