MTV Style Praises Gwen’s L.A.M.B. for Noir Jewelry Collection

MTV Style posted today how much they LOVE Gwen’s L.A.M.B. collaboration with Noir jewelry-we are in love with it,too,and hope that the stunning collection is available soon!

When it comes to Gwen Stefani’s super fun fashion line, L.A.M.B., we’re all over any and all of it, but when you add Noir Jewelry into the mix, we’re positively exploding with gold-studded, accessory-obsessed joy. Noir’s Leeora Catalan has accessorized the last two L.A.M.B. fashion week presentations, and she and Stefani decided to collaborate on an entire collection for spring/summer 2012. Inspired by India and punk, there are tribal-style drop necklaces, gold bracelets interwoven with black cords, studded rings, and dangling pyramid earrings among many other covetable pieces that we can’t WAIT to add to our spring wardrobe. In fact, there’s so much we want in this collection that we’d like to go ahead and take it ALL.

Gwen recently told WWD, “I’m loving Noir Jewelry right now,” and you can tell from this collaboration that the feeling is mutual. Noir’s Catalan said, “Gwen, her team and I, we come from the same tribe. We get each other in so many ways. Collaborating on this collection seemed so natural.” The pieces themselves are primarily geometric in shape and are either attached by cords or adorned in multicolored strands of them. We particularly love the long black and red necklace with a spike pendant and the multi-studded gold bracelet and necklace that are looped through with black and white cords.

As for the gold pieces, they’re all bold, graphic, and can easily be worn together; in fact, you can mix and match practically everything from the collection. Even though there are different design elements to the pieces, they all work harmoniously. The bracelets can be stacked (unless you go with that mega cuff above right, which is a statement in and of itself), and the earrings and ring together would complement a black dress, layered basics, or pretty much anything in your closet that you want to punk out with some edginess. We suggest truly going for it, though, and trying a black and gold multi-studded bib necklace that is guaranteed to add major dramz (and attitude) to any outfit. Don’t forget to pair it with one of Gwen’s favorite unicorn buns, too.

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