More Details on Adrian in Wicked Beats DVD

A while back we mentioned how Adrian is featured in the instructional DVD ”Wicked Beats”,which teaches Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady & Reggae Drumming. Now thanks to Travis from the offical No Doubt forum,we have more details on Adrian’s interview in the DVD,as well as the No Doubt footage that is featured in it. Travis says that Adrian’s section is about 15-20 minutes long,including cool footage of him playing Underneath It All during the 2009 No Doubt tour:

I enjoyed watching the interview with Adrian Young. In that interview they discussed how Ska and Reggae is the foundation of No Doubts music. And Adrian said if he played straight rock drumming would be boring and that Ska and Reggae has made him a better drummer. In that DVD it shows a upclose stage cam footage of him playing UIA, but whats cool is the sound is edited so you only hear Adrians drums and Tonys bass. The DVD is well worth it. Great interview and footage of the 2009 tour.

Its about 15-20 minutes long. The only clips on YouTube of the Wicked Beats DVD are trailers and short previews. I Purchased the DVD on Amazon for about $15. It includes the drumming lessons, but also.has another section dedicated to interviews, one of which with Adrian Young. The man who created DVD must be friends with Adrian because in the interview he said he was with Adrian when he got the idea to do the DVD.

The Wicked Beats DVD can be found online at sites like Amazon-check out a trailer for the DVD below:

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