Media Reports on ND Recording Again

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A lot of media outlets have been reporting the news Tweeted by the band last night that they are recording again-it’s really awesome to see the good news traveling fast 🙂

From Rolling Stone:

No Doubt have finally started recording their first new album since 2001’s Rock Steady, the band revealed on Twitter. “The 4 of us are 2gethr in Hllywd today- 2 start recording the first batch of new ND songs,” Gwen Stefani and Co. posted along with a pair of photo-booth-style snapshots. As Rolling Stone previously reported, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young initially began working on the new album while Gwen Stefani was pregnant with her second child, but as Stefani told RS in February, those tracks were mostly scrapped and the band refocused on writing new tracks.

“They were doing stuff before,” Stefani told RS, “but things are kind of starting over, you know what I mean? We might revisit some of that stuff, but it’s the same old chase. It doesn’t matter how we get there — we want to get there, we will, and we’re having fun doing it.” Stefani also revealed that she and Kanal were listening to songs they loved from the 1980s for inspiration. “Pop songs, one-hit wonders, nifty songs, things like that. You just go back and find things that you love, and try to figure out how they made them,” Stefani said. “We just listen to good songs, and then writing our own stuff, we try to pull it out wherever we can.” The band has been tweeting about its songwriting sessions, posting in April, “For you synth geeks: massive Oberheim basslines are pumping.”

So far, the No Doubt “reunion” has only yielded one fresh track: A cover of Adam Ant’s “Stand and Deliver” that the band performed on a flashback episode of Gossip Girl in May ’09. After a five-year hiatus, No Doubt reformed last year for a summer tour that kicked off at Bamboozle and culminated with a performance at Neil Young’s Bridge School benefit in October.

From OC Weekly:

Ah, good news, No Doubt fans–that makes, like, all of you, right? Orange County’s biggest success story is back in the studio recording the first batch of brand new material.

This is all hot on the heels of bloggy rumors that Gwen Stefani is pregnant with her third child–of course, this is all unconfirmed, and these blogs (cough) do tend to jump to conclusions every time a female celeb wears loose-fitting clothing or their shirt is creased strangely. So you know, grain of salt, etc.

Anyway: The official tweet on their return to the studio and one more (adorable) new group photo after the jump!

From NY Mag:

After a pseudo-comeback last year, in which No Doubt embarked on a nationwide tour but didn’t release any new music, Gwen Stefani and company have begun recording new material. Tonight, the band tweeted: “The 4 of us are 2gethr in Hllywd today- 2 start recording the first batch of new ND songs!” and even included a picture of the foursome to prove it. It would appear the band was able to overcome the “fruitless writing sessions” they were said to have suffered last year. [Twitter]

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