Gwen Was to Have Sung at 2009 Oscars

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This is interesting: Thanks to Sean from the official ND forum for sharing,in a new interview,singer M.I.A.(who of course was an opening act for Gwen during the Harajuku Lovers tour in 2005) reveals that Gwen was considered to perform ”O Saya”,the Oscar-nominated song from the movie Slumdog Millionaire, at the 2009 Oscars ceremony(AR Rahman ended up performing it without either M.I.A. or Gwen).This is a quote from M.I.A. about it:

“When I woke up in my hospital after giving birth, there were four people standing around me with cellphones. One said ‘I’ve got the Oscars here they need to know right now whether you’re going to perform. If you’re not they’re going to get Gwen Stefani to sing your part. Can you give us the Ok on that?’ In the end they decided against Gwen”

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