Let’s protest!

We usually don’t get into politics here, but this needs to be addressed:

Have you ever imagined EITMEDIA being shut down? Have you ever imagined yourself having your internet limited to simple and boring stuff? Have you ever imagined losing your freedom of speech? This could happen sooner than you think.

If we don’t take a stand and protest, the US government will aprove 2 new laws that will make all what I wrote above and much more. We can’t accept it! Take part on these petitions so we can win and guarantee our freedom of speech!






Author: Fabio

What should I write about myself? Ok, Hello! I'm Fabio! I'm 29 years old, I live in Brazil, I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends. I've been a No Doubt fan since 1997 and I can say that ND's music totally changed my life! I'm very proud to be the founder of this amazing website, which I love so much! I'd like to thank all of you for the support over these years, specially No Doubt! <3

1 thought on “Let’s protest!

  1. GweNerD says:

    yay Fabio! 🙂
    that’s good you posted about this :))
    EIT got more “my personal positive points”.


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