HL perfume is taking over 59th street!

taken from: Racked.com

An assortment of PR types, press, schoolgirls and passersby gathered an hour ago outside Bloomingdales 59th Street to watch Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku girls dance in the windows of the store to promote new purses from Gwen’s line Harajuku Lovers. Three out of the four girls (Love, Angel, Music and Baby) showed up; since we don’t know which is which, you’ll have to look at the photos to see who was missing. The event almost went off without a hitch, but one PR girl had trouble yanking the curtain suction-cupped to the window down, requiring assistance. After that, it was all gravy. The girls, decked out in knee socks and super-short gray dresses that caused more than a few wardrobe malfunctions, danced and posed with the colorful handbags to the tune of Stefani hits like Rich Girl and What You Waiting For? (The latter was the soundtrack to a hilarious moment when an octogenarian slowly wandered between the windows and the press pit.)

The crowd got into it, moving to the beat and singing along. One woman took it a bit far, aggressively gyrating around and grabbing peoples’ arms, yelling “Come on, let’s show them how New Yorkers get down.” Instead, we just left. If you missed today’s show, the girls will be back at 59th Street, and will make an appearance at the Soho store, this Friday.

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