Added a bunch of the HL fragrance pics

Added a bunch of ads for HL fragrance:

I need to take better pictures of mine & upload them. I did take a picture of the gift ball, with my cell phone, so quality isn’t the best. I was at Nordstrom in Chicago and if you bought all 5 small bottles you get the HL ball free.

You could also buy 2 large bottles and get a HL Bag for free. my friend Kelby sent me a picture of the bag:

She also said they would be getting bracelets at Dillards

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1 thought on “Added a bunch of the HL fragrance pics

  1. Lydia Cruz says:

    I saw in Dillard’s stores a Rack for the perfume bottles that is from Harajuku Lovers,in plastic very cute, to keep the collection of the little perfume bottles in display.!!Please!!let me know where can i order or find it.
    I will apreciate.


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