Happy 9th Anniversary to the The Singles and Everything In Time Albums

It was 9 years today,on November 25,2003,that No Doubt’s The Singles 1992-2003 was released,featuring all of the band’s amazing singles and a new one,ND’s awesome cover of Talk Talk’s ”It’s My Life”. The Singles 1992-2003 sold over 2 million copies in the US alone,and ”It’s My Life” won a Grammy for Best Remix,as well as Best Group Video and Best Pop Video at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards. No Doubt embarked on The Singles Tour in the US in the summer of 2004.

Today also marks the 9th anniversary of the initial release of No Doubt’s b-sides,rarities and remixes compilation (and our site’s namesake!),Everything In Time. This amazing,much-beloved collection was first released on this date as part of the band’s Boom Box set,and was later released separately.

What is your favorite No Doubt single? Did you attend The Singles Tour? What is your favorite track from Everything In Time?

2 thoughts on “Happy 9th Anniversary to the The Singles and Everything In Time Albums

  1. Austin says:

    These albums are the reason why alot of people who don’t know who nd is think that all the music videos on VEVO are from 2003..

  2. Amanda G says:

    Wow…9 years already? Crazy! I’m so thankful ND put this together for us fans. It’s so great to have the b-sides on one CD and a good copy of LITTK! I’m not sure if I can pick ONE favorite off of EIT, but I’ve always loved Leftovers! And Big Distraction… And Sailin On… See, can’t pick one LOL


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