Gwen was just on MTV's The Seven!

Gwen was just on the MTV show,”The Seven” talking about her new L.A.M.B. collection!! She looked gorgeous,as always-her hair resembled the style she wore at the Met Gala last year.She kidded that she is always the inspiration for L.A.M.B. and mentioned that some of the new collection will be ”a loose interpretation” of the ”soldier girl”.She said that the process of picking out the models is fun.She said that you can’t really make a mistake with fashion,and that she doesn’t like to give fashion advice-she feels that fashion is an expression of your personality and that what you wear depends on your mood and how you feel.She mentioned that the music during the runway show will ”amp up the themes” of the collection;she recalled how a lot of No Doubt songs were used at the Spring 2011 show last fall,and that the guys of No Doubt had been there.She said that as soon as she is finished with Fashion Week,she will be back in the studio-she referred to the new song One More Summer as ”amazing” and that it will make people ”freak out”. She said that making music is the biggest reward out of everything she does.Hopefullly a video of the segment will turn up online soon!

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