Gwen Portrait by Patrushka

San Francisco-based artist Patrushka has included a striking oil-on-wood portrait she did of Gwen in her latest portfolio, entitled ”Ladies of the Newbrow”. More of the artist’s work can be viewed on her website.

From Creep Machine:

Simply known as Patrushka, this San Francisco based artist grew up in Southern California and was inspired by children’s books, album covers, comics and tv. Later the inspirations moved to MC Escher, R. Crumb, Dali, and the current lowbrow/pop surrealist scene. The artist has a few ongoing series of works on her portfolio, one entitled “Ladies of the Newbrow”. Working with oil on wood, she has created portraits of Camille Rose Garcia, Isabel Samaras, Femke Hiemstra, Jessica Joslin, Jennybird Alcantra, and you can even see Gwen Stefani and Kat Von D.

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