Gwen on Ryan Seacrest Radio Show

Thanks to @track_all_star for the heads up,apparantly Gwen was interviewed on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning;the interview was brief and Gwen reportedly confirmed yet again that the new No Doubt album will be out this year,but she’s not sure exactly when. Did anyone hear the interview? We will have audio of it up as soon as possible!

**UPDATE** Thanks so much to Liam for recording the audio of Gwen’s interview with Ryan Seacrest from this morning,the interview was apparantly a rebroadcast of a clip of the interview Ryan did with Gwen back in April following her appearance styling the female contestants on American Idol,which we had posted HERE and which Liam kindly uploaded for us HERE. We apologize for any confusion,we thought it may have been a new interview with Gwen-hopefully there will be lots of new interviews with the band soon. 🙂

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