Gwen Named #1 Stylish Mom

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Yay,talk about much-deserved!! Gwen has been named the #1 Most Stylish Mom by also was named #9 in the Top 50 Celebrity Moms overall and #10 Best Mom to Have a Playdate With-cute. 😀

Gwen Stefani is a stunning rock ‘n’ roll mama — from her edgy maternity style to her chic L.A.M.B line, she makes motherhood look, well, cool. She and just-as-cool husband Gavin Rossdale passed down their part punk/part rock style to kids Kingston and Zuma, who with their matching Mohawks and Converse sneakers are already becoming little fashion icons themselves. When it comes to their parenting styles, Gwen cops to being the disciplinarian, while Gavin admitted to us in 2008 that he hopes his kids rebel. (“It would be a disappointment if the kids were cookie-cutter.”) Here’s hoping the kids are just as non-conformist as their bad-ass mom.

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