'Bring It On' Character Inspired By Gwen

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This is interesting-writer Jessica Bendinger,who wrote for the screenplay for the 2000 cheerleader comedy Bring It On, reveals in an interview with The Austinist that the character of Torrance,played by Kirsten Dunst,was inspired by Gwen.How ironic that Gwen evoked the cheerleader theme five years later in the Hollaback Girl video.

”Torrance is modeled on Gwen Stefani. I actually had a picture of Gwen Stefani from No Doubt over my desk while I was writing that. So, if you look at the “I am just a girl” video, and you look at that scene where Torrance is trying to get Missy to come back and be on the squad, with cameras everywhere. That energy from that scene, the sassyness, the opening cheer like “I am sexy, I’m hot, I’m everything you’re not“—you can kind of see the DNA of Gwen Stefani in that. I was trying to make cheerleading cooler than it was. It worked.”

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