Gwen & Gavin Bring the Kids to Fashion Week


From Wonderwall:

By Drew Mackie

Pop star designer Gwen Stefani showcased her L.A.M.B line on Thursday as part of New York Fashion Week, and her husband, rocker Gavin Rossdale, brought sons Kingston and Zuma to show their support. How does Gwen juggle the duties of mom, musician and fashion maven? According to No Doubt bandmate (and ex-boyfriend) Tony Kanal, she just stays true to herself. “She’s such a real person,” he says. “She’s honest and true and sincere. I think people pick up on that, whether it’s her clothing line or her lyrics or her sons.” Wonderwall spoke with Gwen and Gavin about her recent accomplishments in fashion, family and music.

Wonderwall: We’re in a recession. If a fan wants to pick one item, what would you recommend?

Gwen Stefani: The butterfly dress, the little — flirty one. People will want to wear that. People are pretty happy right now, ready to not be recessed.

WW: How many bags and shoes do you own?

GS: A lot, a lot, a lot, a lot! I need to clean my closet
out, for sure!

WW: How does it feel to be working with No Doubt again, as a group effort, after nine years?

GS: Well, it hasn’t really been nine years. We’ve been in the studio all year, and we have a lot of fun together. We have a great record that we’re making. A lot more work to do on it. It’s a bit of a snail’s pace, but it’s going to be worth it.

WW: Gavin, we love that you came out and brought the kiddies to support the ladies. Do you do this every year?

Gavin Rossdale: No, Kingston’s been to the other show she had, the major show at Roseland. This is Zuma’s first show.

WW: What is it you admire about your wife being able to juggle two extremely successful careers and look so good while doing it?

GR: I know she’s a mystery. I like that. There’s not enough mystery in the world.

WW: When you look at the outfit she has on
today, do you go, “Only my wife”? Or do you think, “I can see someone else in that”?

GR: Only someone with supreme style could pull it off. There’s a lot of people who have supreme style. You have to know where it’s at to pull off that outfit.

WW: Any chance you’d collaborate and do the male version of L.A.M.B. with Gwen?

GR: Not just yet. I always think it’s a bit like a book: I think everyone’s got one great book in them. I’m sure
I could come up with a couple of great ideas for a few clothes, but what gets me about fashion [is that] it’s relentless. You have to keep churning it out, which I have no talent or desire for or understanding of. I just enjoy when people make nice things I can wear.

WW: You went to Babbo last night with Gwen. Was that your special date night in Manhattan with your wife?

GR: We went for our anniversary there.

WW: Happy anniversary. How was it?

GR: Perfect — it’s Babbo!

WW: Your wife has a lot of looks. What’s your favorite look on your wife?

GR: [Laughs] I’ll leave that one to your imagination. Next question.

WW: I was in a salon when your wife walked in with your sons and they all got mani-pedis. How long has this cute tradition been going on?

GR: It’s a pretty fun thing for them to do together. If they come out with me, they do different things, and
if they go out with her, they do that stuff. They love it. It’s colorful and fun. It makes them happy.

WW: Gwen was very deferential to you during your son’s mani-pedis. She said about your son’s nail art, “Dad’s not going to think that’s butch enough. Get something more manly.”

GR: That’s ironic, isn’t it? A manly pedicure. I think it doesn’t matter. As long as they’re happy, colorful. I think that’s more fun.

WW: How does Gwen juggle it all?
GR: She’s much better at most things than me. She just does it. It’s like the journey of a thousand steps, right? One step at a time.

WW: What’s the best thing about having a fashion designer for a wife?

GR: Free drinks at her show.

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