Fan Video for Gwen’s Birthday

Gwen’s birthday isn’t until October 3,but fans are already thinking of ways to celebrate! A fan named Mary asked for our help to spread the word about a video she is putting together for Gwen’s birthday-instructions on how you can participate are below in the graphic Mary sent in. We look forward to seeing the finished video. 🙂

EDIT-Thanks to Mary for typing out the instructions:

Gwenabees & No Doubters,

As you all know, Gwen’s birthday is coming up very soon. So I’ve decided to put together a fan made birthday video. Absolutely anyone can take part, the more people the better. Just make a video no longer than 30 seconds wishing Gwen a happy birthday and email it to

The deadline is October 1st as I’ll obviously need some time to put it all together. Other than that, have fun! And let’s show Gwen just how much we care. Please do RT and spread the word as I’m hoping for as many entries as possible! Any forums you know of, please post this to them!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at the address above or contact me via my twitter page @marylily2

UPDATE: Mary has let everyone know that she will now be accepting videos of any length. And for anyone who does not want to or is unable to make a video,Mary will accept messages from fans that she will incorporate into the video;e-mail your message to Mary at

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