Busy Signal Talks About Working with No Doubt and Major Lazer on ‘’Push and Shove’’

We had mentioned last month that Tom confirmed on Twitter how reggae artist Busy Signal was featured on the new song,’’Push and Shove’’,which is being produced by Major Lazer. Now,thanks to Jammie from the ND forum for finding,Busy Signal mentioned working with the band on the song in two recent interviews. (We do find it a little strange that he claims to have written the whole thing when we know the band has been working especially hard on it in the studio.) Interestingly,though,he mentions in one interview that he thinks ”Push and Shove” will be the lead single and in both interviews that the new No Doubt album will be out in August;we think it’s important to keep in mind that this,along with the recent rumors of the album being released in September,have NOT been confirmed by the band or its management.

From ShimmyShimmy:

What about house and electronic genres – over here your tunes like ‘Da Style Deh’ have been remixed by house producers quite a bit – is that something you’d like to explore more?

Definitely – in fact we just did a track with No Doubt, with Gwen Stefani for the new album, and I wrote the whole thing and everything. I think that’s going to be the lead single for the album which will be out sometime in August and it’s that kind of vibe cos it’s produced by Major Lazer. So I’m doing some work with him now and that’s really what he does – house music, upbeat kind of stuff, and I’m into just trying different things with music.

From UnitedReggae:

“…Major Lazer has produced this track with me and Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. No Doubt’s album is supposed to be coming out in August and that’s definitely a good thing… I’m really looking forward to that track we did for Gwen Stefani. I wrote that track – both her part and my part. It’s definitely a good look, looking out to fuse different styles. Gwen Stefani loves reggae music but she’s also a big artist across the world pop-wise and in the alternative with No Doubt so it’s definitely a plus for me.”

UPDATE: Tom just tweeted a fan who,like many of us,was confused by Busy Signal’s claim that he wrote ”the whole thing” of ”Push and Shove”;Tom clarified that the song is truly a collaboration between No Doubt,Busy and Major Lazer. He added that it is an awesome,amazing song-we can’t wait to hear it

@nfisteus It’s a collaboration between Busy, Major Lazer and Us. We all wrote different parts. It’s awesome, a really amazing song…

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