Billboard:Gwen Closes Out Fashion Week


Gwen Stefani was one of the last designers to present at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City last night (Feb. 17), and the “Hollaback Girl” made sure to close things out with a bang.

Stefani’s L.A.M.B. show, for the No Doubt frontwoman’s Fall 2011 collection, was an extravagant presentation of clothes influenced by six major styles, including military (dubbed Soldier Girls), Rastafari (Ragga Muffin Girls) and glamour.

The music that played was appropriately rich in sound (“The Message” by Grandmaster Flash, for example), and boom-bap blared through the speakers as models prowled the catwalk, only falling out of step with the beat when one of them took a tumble (though she quickly got back up and was given a round of applause for her grace).

Video: Gwen Stefani and son Kingston at the L.A.M.B. fashion show

The collection itself tapped into major fashion trends for Fall and ranged from wool bustiers, tailored suits and plaid capes to burnt orange silk dresses, rock ‘n’ roll-inspired leather get-ups and jumpsuits. The models were grouped not only according to their style of dress, but also by their hairdos and, in some cases, their ethnicities. A group of blonde and fair-skinned “Soldier Girls” sported chic bouffants, headscarves and sunglasses; the “Ragga Muffin Girls” wore beanie hats and brightly colored, geometric sweaters; the downtown punk-inspired “London Girls” rocked menswear and short, sideswept haircuts; and the “Buffalo Girls,” who appeared to be a favorite of the room’s, wore crimped hair extensions and plaids.

While taking her runaway bow, Stefani wore a flowing black-and-white jumpsuit and was surprised by her older son, Kingston, who ran up to her midway through her walk. It was an unexpected, yet tender moment, and the audience responded with an appropriately mushy, collective “Aww.”

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