EIT needs your help!

You might have seen our previous post, about our project to pay homage to the band’s 30th anniversary, so you know we are cooking up something really special. But now, it’s time for us to aks YOU, the fans for your help!

What we want from you, No Doubters, is to record a short video of yourselves (kinda like a testimonial), telling us the importance that the band has in your life, how you first listened to their music, how it changed your lives etc. You can submit all your videos (you can send more than one if you like), to our email eit.nodoubt@gmail.com. Deadline for submissions will be extended from March 31st to April 30th due to some fans request!

If you like to share something from your private vaults, like pictures or recordings of the band, they are all very welcome!! We look forward to hear from you, so IM us through our social media if you have any questions!

Help us celebrate the best band in the world on this very special date!!

EIT Team

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