White River Review

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The Sounds, Paramore and No Doubt
Sunday, July 19th at White River Amphitheater

After conquering a beautiful drive over to Seattle and through Auburn, Matty and I arrived to White River Amphitheater to see the one and only No Doubt. We arrived a little early to make sure we could get in the venue and when we arrived there was already a line around half of the venue full of people waiting to get in. Once we were able to get in I sat on the hill and watched White River slowly fill up, ever inch of green grass was covered with blankets and people all excited to see a great show. People were still filtering in to the packed venue once No Doubt took the stage, always come early to a show at White River. Two lane road not so friendly with 10,000 cars on it.

The Sounds ran out on stage first with a hot blonde singer known as Maja in a little black dress and high heels, kicking her legs up. Like all of the “front – women” of the night she was sexy, feisty, and full of spunk. The Sounds are a Sweden indie alternative band that was a little dancy and just made you want to get up and shake it. Maja was raunchy and full of F-word, which was fantastic because you should of seen the parents run to cover their kids ears every time she opened her mouth. I love the bands attitude and willingness to get the fucking show started. I hope they come back in the fall on their new album release tour!

I saw more Paramore shirts then any other type of shirt at White River, Paramore was written on hats, hand-bags, hoodies, and more. I didn’t know this band was that big. The second the Paramore backdrop dropped on stage the whole amphitheater rose to their feet and everyone was screaming. Running out on stage they kicked off the set with Misery Business and from there on out it was hit after hit new and old. This was the second time I have seen Paramore and on stage they have gotten sharper with simultaneous head banging and Hayley was a bouncy ball covering the whole stage. At one point Hayley stopped the whole band because there was a fight in the pit, she said “…hey we got beef, hey look up here…lets not fight, grow up, if you want to fight there is plenty of room in the parking lot.” That was outstanding and good for her, I respect that. I will admit they were a fun band to see and it’s cool to see how far they have come and I am sure it’s just the start.

Never ever did I think I was going to see No Doubt. I thought for sure Gwen was going to go solo be a mom and that was that. I remember listening to Tragic Kingdom on cassette when I was a kid, I was pretty excited to see them and know that they were going to rock No Doubt classics. Opening with Spiderwebs from there on out the night was packed with the hits. Matt saw No Doubt at White River six or so years ago and he said they sound just as good and look the same, which is impressive for not being out on the road in a while. Gwen killed it and looked FANTASTIC after having kids. During Simple Kind of Life she just glowed during “…I always thought I’d be a mom..” it was cool to hear her sing this song when that is what she has now. The entire sea of heads were jumping up and down and clapping hands, singing along and having a great time. No Doubt also brought two spunky very talented horn players on tour with her that sounded perfect and they even did a solo song with the boys of the band while Gwen changed into a checkered outfit. The theme of the stage was black and white which looked really cool from on top of the hill. With funny and artsy video graphics, lights, and everyone on stage dancing it made for a high energy & fun night. I left hearing all of the hits and I am sure that was the same for everyone else in the crowd. I am glad the band decided to do another tour it was fun to sing along to the same songs I do know and did when I was growing up. Thanks No Doubt!!

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I'm 32 years old and married to the best man on Earth! No Doubt is my favorite band, they inspire me everyday. I remember getting my first computer when I was 14 and wanting to make a website about them. Now, 18 years later, I'm a Computer Programmer/Web Designer and STILL making a website about them. I'd like to thank No Doubt for that!

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