Sweet New Gavin Quotes About Gwen and Their Family

Check out these sweet new Gavin quotes about Gwen and their family from his interview with StarLounge:

While he’s keen to toast his band’s success, Gavin’s hellraising days are very much a thing of the past. These days the 45-year old frontman is a committed husband to No Doubt star Gwen Stefani and doting father to their two children – Kingston, 5, and 3-year old Zuma.

But with demands of their individual careers keeping them apart for long periods of time, how does he maintain such an enduring bond with Gwen?

“There is no mystery,” he says. “I think I got very lucky. I found a great girl. That helps, that’s the first big step in the right direction and the second is: treasure that. I don’t know, there’s no particular secret to that, it’s just logical.”

Gavin is also quick to play down talk of a potential collaboration with his wife, who he first met in 1995 while their respective bands were touring together.

“That’s something to separate,” he admits. “It would the hype of cashing in, it would be so brilliant, but it’s the wrong and worst thing. I don’t know, she’s sung on my records, I’ve sung on her records, I’ve done stuff for her. But we should separate that.”

The couple were recently forced to share the limelight with oldest son Zuma when he opted for a light blue Mohawk hairstyle – but how does Gavin feel about his son’s increasingly flamboyant image?

“He’s just a kid – he’s having fun,” he shrugs. “And he just wanted the Mohawk. I was shocked by the blue, I must admit, but there it was and I was like ‘Wow, he’s a smurf.’ He’s just a kid having fun, and that’s the beauty of being a kid – you can just mess around. But the blue hair didn’t last that long; now he has some sort of growing out crop and he looks really, really, handsome.”

But Kingston’s outlandish style doesn’t just stop with the hair, as we’re quick to remind him – the youngster also turned heads when he stepped out with painted nails.

“He just messes around,” says Gavin. “He goes out with his mum and does stuff like that. She has fun activities for them and they hang out together and she is like, ‘You want colourful nails, son?’ And then they go. They all sit in a line and get it done. Gwen and nannies and the kids. She takes over the whole store.”

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